From military equipment to civilian usage

In 2012, the Wuhan Arsenal military unit needed a specified awning for the battlefield information vehicle. Our Awnlux concept was recognized and so suddenly the brand Awnlux was selected out of more than 50 competing companies and successfully passed the military's most stringent bump and durability tests.

Awnlux cooperates with major manufacturers

In 2013, the domestic economy grew rapidly, and people's lifestyles were seeking changes. Embracing nature again and a greener travel approach is a new market demand. Awnlux has in-depth cooperations with major automobile manufacturers to develop integrated vehicle sunshades and related supporting products.

ISO9001 quality system certification

In 2020,Awnlux works closely with major brand RV manufacturers. In order to meet the pursuit of higher quality, we pursue further improvement of our management and complete the ISO9001 quality system certification in April 2020.