AWNLUX  is the first company in the field of industrial and outdoor vehicles sunshade equipment in China. 

We are specialist in the production of sun-shading equipment and related parts for Motorhomes, Caravans,Trailers and other specialized vehicles.

From small car window-awnings to large car-tents and other car accessories !

After years of intense research and development, we are offering on-board awnings and multiple project products patented technology in our products. We are dedicated to provide high professional, full custom-products to meet different customers’ markets demands.

Awnlux brand system

Awnlux is China's leading professional sunshade manufacturer with integrated R&D, design, production and sales. After years of research and development, we hold a number of vehicle awnings and a number of other products technologie patents. We provide a full range of professional and customized services to meet the individual needs of different customers all over the world.

Comprehensive product expansion

In 2017, Awnlux achieved another milestone. For better integration with RV products, we expanded from the field of building sunshades and vehicle sunshades into vehicle-related annex products, such as vehicle climbing ladders, bicycle luggage, and roof luggage racks, etc.

Strategic product deployment

In the future, we will further explore and develop into this field, according design concepts of car factories in order to meet the end consumers' demand for high-quality life products.